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LouvreThe Construction History Society is a registered charity devoted to the  promotion and study of the history of construction. It aims to identify and protect sources of information and archives related to  construction history and to organise and sponsor events and publications that help achieve these aims. It has members from all over the world.

Our mission

We live and work in, use and visit buildings created in the recent and more distant past. We view them as examples of design styles but there is more to them than just appearance. How were they built and why?

Unfortunately we know all too little about these questions because the original plans and methods of building and costs have often been lost. Refurbishment and remodeling projects would find these records of great practical value. Past techniques and materials can be applied in modern projects. But if the records do not exist, we cannot learn from them. And what of today’s buildings and construction projects? They too will one day become part of history. Will our successors ask the same questions, and similarly be unable to answer. The Construction History Society exists to focus the attention of the construction industry and associated professions on the importance of preserving the records of our built environment so that they are available to future historians, planners and craftsmen. As a member, you can help with this valuable task.

Who are we?

Members of the Society come from all backgrounds and include those who worked on building sites, architects , engineers and surveyors, conservation professionals, archaeologists, academics from various disciplines and people with no particular connection with the building industry who just find the subject fascinating.

The Society is a registered charity. It has no paid staff and is run entirely by volunteers from amongst its members in the form of a Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

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Construction History also has its own Editorial Advisory Panel

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