The editors of Construction History welcome submissions for papers at any time. All papers are peer-reviewed and must be original and not previously published.

The process for submitting papers is as follows:

Step 1            Submission of a proposal or abstract

Prospective authors should, in the first instance, submit by email an outline proposal of 500-600 words in English to the Editors at containing the following:

Authors will be informed immediately if the proposal is considered suitable for proceeding to the next stage of submitting the full paper.

Step 2            Submission of draft of the full paper

Papers must be in English and up to around 8000 words in length, and may include up to around twelve images that will be printed in black/white at approximately A5 size. The paper must be prepared in accordance with the Detailed guidance on preparing manuscripts.

The paper should be submitted by email as a pdf file containing the full text and images (in their correct location or following the text).

Step 3            Paper sent for peer review

The submitted paper will be sent to two independent reviewers who will advise the Editorial Panel as to its suitability and standard. Authors will be informed of the Panel’s decision as soon as possible and, if considered suitable, how the paper may need to be revised or improved to a standard suitable for publication.

Step 4            Submission of the revised paper for copyediting

Authors should prepare the final version of the paper in Word in accordance with the Detailed guidance on preparing manuscripts. When the final text and images are ready for submission authors should send to the Editor of Construction History. If the image files are too large to email, please use a file transfer application such as Wetransfer, Dropbox or similar.

Step 5            Final corrections to the copy-edited text

A copy-edited version of the text will be returned to the authors for confirmation / final corrections.

Step 6            Proof corrections

When the paper has been type-set by the printers, a pdf copy will be sent to authors for immediate checking (usually within about 48 hours). At this stage only minor corrections can be made, such as typographical or caption errors, or errors of size and layout of images.

Step 7            Publication

You will be sent a free copy of the journal with your paper and an electronic copy which you may post on your website or place in your University’s open access deposit (if applicable). Please note that you cannot republish the paper in any other form without the agreement of the Construction History Society. This will not usually be withheld, but if it is published in a textbook or other commercial publication, we may ask for a small donation to the Society. In all cases the publication must acknowledge that the paper was first published in Construction History, giving the full reference.

Christine Wall, Hermann Schlimme and Will McLean – Co-editors.

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