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Welcome to the Construction History Society.

The Construction History Society welcomes all those who are enthusiastic about any aspect of the history of construction. Our members come from all walks of life. You might be someone who has an interesting story to tell, someone who collects items to do with buildings or an academic who works on the history of buildings. We encourage people to take an interest in how the world around them has been built and those that built it.

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Fifth International Conference on Construction History 2015

The Fifth International Conference on Construction History will be held in Chicago 3-7 June 2015. Further Details available.

CHS Second Annual Conference. Call for Abstracts-
Revised Date: 15 Oct 2014. Further Details.
The Construction History Society is a member of the Heritage Alliance. 
Second International Congress on Construction History

In 2006 the Construction History Society held the Second International Congress on Construction History. Details and proceedings.

The CHS is a Registered Charity No: 291453.
  The Society seeks to bring together people from a wide range of professional and academic disciplines who are all enthusiastic about Construction History.
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  Each year the Society awards a book prize to a student for a dissertation or thesis with a strong construction history theme or topic.
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  "Construction History," the journal of the Society, is a scholarly journal which is published annually. The leading international journal in its field, it enjoys a high reputation in the diversity, breadth and detail of its coverage.
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