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Journal of the Construction History Society
Year of Publication: 2008
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 Contents; Volume 23   2008
Building Brnelleschi's Dome; A practical methodology verified by experiment. By Jones, Sereni and Ricci.
Structural Iron Elements in German Timber Roofs 1600-1800
By Stefan M Holzer.
20,000 Dwellings a month for Forty Years. France's Industrialised Housing Sector in the 1950s.
By Nickolas Bullock 
Architecture, Engineering and Technology. Concrete Construction in Belgium.
Stephanie van de Voorde and Ronald de Meyer.
Cttages, Flats and Reconditioning post WW1
By Simon Pepper.
Abstracts of Periodical literature.
By Peter Richmond and Simon Pepper.
Book Reviews; Various inc. Building St Pauls by James Campbell. 
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