Call for Abstracts

The Congress has now been completed. Over 400 were received and 195 were presented at the Congress, with contributors from across the world. The standard has been extremely high and selection was very difficult. The papers received will all be printed in full in the proceedings which was part of every registration pack A full list of papers accepted is available here.

The topics covered by congress papers received include the following:

  • Structural analysis and the development of structural forms
  • History of the building trades
  • Organisation of construction work
  • Wages and the Economics of construction
  • The development of Building Regulations
  • Trade unions and Guilds
  • Development of construction tools, cranes, scaffolding, etc
  • Building techniques in response to their environments
  • Building materials, their history, production and use

  • History of services (heating, lighting etc.) in buildings
  • The changing role of the professions in construction
  • Building Archaeology
  • Computer simulation, experimentation and reconstruction
  • Use of construction history for dating of historic fabric
  • Recording, Preservation and Conservation
  • Construction in architectural writing
  • The role of construction history in education
  • The bibliography of construction history
  • The Theory and Practice of Construction History

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